Movie stars with a marital arts background

Many movie stars have a martial arts background. These stars include Joe Taslim, Angela Mao, Ti Lung, and Chow Yun Fat. Some have trained since they were children, while others have been in the industry for decades. Here's a look into some of these successful people and how they got there. It's not difficult to find an actor with a martial arts background - all you need to do is look up their name in the movie credits!

Joe Taslim

In addition to acting, Joe Taslim has a martial arts past. He was a judo competitor for 12 years and is a black belt in the discipline. His athleticism and impressive performance have earned him numerous medals, including one at 1999 Southeast Asian Judo Championships. In addition to judo, he is also proficient in wushu, taekwondo, and pencak silat.

Taslim continued his acting career by mma melbourne stunts while he was studying martial arts at school. His recent appearances in film include roles in 'Star Trek Beyond' and the upcoming 'Mortal Kombat: Reboot'. He has also starred in several commercials and magazines. He made his acting debut with the action film 'Karma' in 2008. It also starred Christian Sugiono (Donny Alamsyah) and YayanRuhian.

Angela Mao

Angela Mao was born on February 20, 1950. Also known as Mao Fu Jing, or Mao Fujing in Chinese, she is an actress and screenwriter from China. She became a popular star of kung-fu movies in the 1970s. The history of the martial arts actress is also interesting. She was trained in Hapkido, an art form that she was attracted to after seeing it on TV's "Kung Fu."

Angela Mao began acting after she graduated high school. She was a star in many Golden Harvest films, including Lady Whirlwind, Hapkido (Lady Kung-fu), and The Fate of Lee Khan. Angela Mao was trained in martial arts in Korea, and she earned her third-dan blackbelt. Angela Mao began to work on her acting career in the 1970s. Her first major role was in "Enter the Dragon." After a few more films with Golden Harvest, she became a world-renowned martial artist.

Chow Yun Fat

Chow Yun Fat is not a common name. Chow Yun Fat has had a successful film career since his days as an actor and is still regarded as a top star in martial arts. In fact, he has won more international acting awards than any other actor, including three Best Actor nominations. His versatility has made him an indispensable actor across many genres.

Born on Lamma Island in Hong Kong, his parents were oil tankers at Shell Oil Company. He moved to urban Hong Kong when he was 10 years old, and eventually dropped out of school. After working in various roles, he enrolled for a TVB training class. That year, he became a household name with a role in the movie Shanghai Beach.

Benny, the Jet

Known for his outstanding kickboxing prowess, Benny the Jet has a rich martial arts background. He started his professional career with kickboxing and non-contact, before moving to full-contact and karate. He won five World Championships, and was undefeated for the majority of his career. Benny the Jet, who retired in 1989 after a career of boxing, recently returned to the ring. He won the welterweight title over a Japanese boxer who was 25 years old.

Born into an athletic family, Benny the Jet learned martial arts at a young age. He was the second-youngest of nine siblings, and was already a world champion at five weight divisions. He was the sport's dominant figure for over five decades, with undefeated records across every division. He was the only martial artist to have six world titles in five weight categories at the time of his death.

Keith Cooke

When he was young, Mr. Cooke began his training in martial arts. Then, he trained several movie stars. These included the Beverly Hills Ninja and Mortal Kombat characters. Sub-Zero appeared in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation as well. Then, he became one of the most prominent fighters of his generation.

Keith Cooke is most well-known for his acting work, but he also has a martial arts background which he shares with his students. His father is Japanese-American, and his mother is American. He has also worked as a stuntman on movie sets. He is best known for his role of the 'Shinobi’ in X-Men: Evolution, but he has many other achievements.

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